Skeletons Play Basketball!هياكل عظمية تلعب كرة السلة!

‘Artistic Era of Harmony and Prosperity, Prestige Crafts Hong Kong Mammoth Tusk Carving Exhibition’ is the name of the exhibition which was held in Hong Kong, China. The photo above shows ivory tusk carvings of skeletons playing basketball made from extinct woolly mammoths which were  seen on display at the […]

Dancing Squirrels in The Nature Partyسناجب ترقص فى حفل الطبيعه

A pair of Strictly Come Dancing squirrels practice their act in the Kalahari semi-desert at the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, South Africa التقطت الصورة زوج من السناجب المدهشين وهم يقومون بالرقص على طريقة البرنامج التليفزيونى البريطانى الشهير “ستريكتلى كام دانسينج” فى صحراء “كالاهارى” فى حديقة “كاجالاجادى ترانسفونتير” بدولة جنوب افريقيا

Giant Giraffs Play Kung Fuزرافتين عملاقتين يلعبون كونغ فو

It is always known about Giraffes that they generate huge amounts of force and are capable of knocking an opponent to the ground with a single strike. These two giant male giraffes were battling with their legs and necks (as if playing Kung Fu) for dominance and mating rights when […]

Amazing Re-colored Photos of old Cairo صور رائعه لمدينة القاهرة القديمة أعيد تلوينها

Here you are some photos of Cairo the capital of Egypt and the main city Old collection but with a new color imagination Hope to enjoy it 1- ِA bazaar Market in Cairo   2- A covered Cairo side street  3- ِAttending a funeral in Cairo  4- Beggars and locals at a sidewalk cafe […]

Amazing Turtle Cheats Alligatorسلحفاه مدهشة تخدع تمساح

Amazing turtle used it’s own nature to cheat the alligator who mistook the turtle for a rock and casually climbed on board unaware it was climbing onto the dozing turtle. After being woken up the turtle, a yellow-bellied slider, tried to remove the alligator off his shell but it didn’t […]