art work

Skeletons Play Basketball!هياكل عظمية تلعب كرة السلة!

‘Artistic Era of Harmony and Prosperity, Prestige Crafts Hong Kong Mammoth Tusk Carving Exhibition’ is the name of the exhibition which was held in Hong Kong, China. The photo above shows ivory tusk carvings of skeletons playing basketball made from extinct woolly mammoths which were  seen on display at the […]

65 Feet High Oil Paintingصورة زيتية بارتفاع 65 قدم

It took Natalia Rak 70 hours to paint the fascinating 65 feet high Oil Painting which shows a young girl dressed in traditional Polish clothes and standing on her tip toes as she tips the watering can onto the tree below (next to the building). The amazing artist showed great […]