The youngest person to visit every country in the worldأصغر رحالة يزور كل بلاد العالم

British traveler becoming the youngest person in the world to visit every country in the world , the young ” James Esquis ” of 24 – year – old accountant who works in one of London banks , spend about 125 thousand pounds in order to achieve his dream of […]

Super Woman Weightlifting During Pregnancyامرأه حامل ترفع الاثقال قبل ميعاد ولادتها باسبوعين 1

Super bodybuilder woman Lea-Ann Ellison posted pictures of herself on Facebook lifting heavy weights. A fierce social media storm ensued, with many criticizing her, but some jumping to her defense. Critics suggest that Lea-Ann could sever her placenta, miscarry or give birth early because of the strenuous lifting, but Mrs […]

Talented Boy Becomes Superstar After His Deathطفل موهوب يصبح نجم بعد وفاته

It was a very big shock to the fans of Arabs Got Talent TV show after they knew about the news of the death of the talented young boy “Mohamed Sherif” who is only 13 years old, specially after showing his amazing talent a long with his grandfather “Kamal Elmasry” […]