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Dancing Squirrels in The Nature Partyسناجب ترقص فى حفل الطبيعه

A pair of Strictly Come Dancing squirrels practice their act in the Kalahari semi-desert at the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, South Africa التقطت الصورة زوج من السناجب المدهشين وهم يقومون بالرقص على طريقة البرنامج التليفزيونى البريطانى الشهير “ستريكتلى كام دانسينج” فى صحراء “كالاهارى” فى حديقة “كاجالاجادى ترانسفونتير” بدولة جنوب افريقيا

The youngest person to visit every country in the worldأصغر رحالة يزور كل بلاد العالم

British traveler becoming the youngest person in the world to visit every country in the world , the young ” James Esquis ” of 24 – year – old accountant who works in one of London banks , spend about 125 thousand pounds in order to achieve his dream of […]

Super Woman Weightlifting During Pregnancyامرأه حامل ترفع الاثقال قبل ميعاد ولادتها باسبوعين 1

Super bodybuilder woman Lea-Ann Ellison posted pictures of herself on Facebook lifting heavy weights. A fierce social media storm ensued, with many criticizing her, but some jumping to her defense. Critics suggest that Lea-Ann could sever her placenta, miscarry or give birth early because of the strenuous lifting, but Mrs […]

Coach Bruno Metsu loses battle with cancerوفاة المدرب الفرنسي ميتسو بعد صراع مع مرض السرطان

French coach Bruno Metsu, has died on Tuesday at the age of 59 following a long battle with cancer.  Metsu, who was French, played for Lille from 1979-81 and managed the club in the 1992-93 season. Lille said in a statement on Tuesday “it is with great sadness that we have learnt of […]

Giant Giraffs Play Kung Fuزرافتين عملاقتين يلعبون كونغ فو

It is always known about Giraffes that they generate huge amounts of force and are capable of knocking an opponent to the ground with a single strike. These two giant male giraffes were battling with their legs and necks (as if playing Kung Fu) for dominance and mating rights when […]

65 Feet High Oil Paintingصورة زيتية بارتفاع 65 قدم

It took Natalia Rak 70 hours to paint the fascinating 65 feet high Oil Painting which shows a young girl dressed in traditional Polish clothes and standing on her tip toes as she tips the watering can onto the tree below (next to the building). The amazing artist showed great […]

Amazing Re-colored Photos of old Cairo صور رائعه لمدينة القاهرة القديمة أعيد تلوينها

Here you are some photos of Cairo the capital of Egypt and the main city Old collection but with a new color imagination Hope to enjoy it 1- ِA bazaar Market in Cairo   2- A covered Cairo side street  3- ِAttending a funeral in Cairo  4- Beggars and locals at a sidewalk cafe […]

Amazing Turtle Cheats Alligatorسلحفاه مدهشة تخدع تمساح

Amazing turtle used it’s own nature to cheat the alligator who mistook the turtle for a rock and casually climbed on board unaware it was climbing onto the dozing turtle. After being woken up the turtle, a yellow-bellied slider, tried to remove the alligator off his shell but it didn’t […]

Apple Manages for iWatch Releaseابل تحضر لاصدار iWatch

Apple is now believed to have up to 50 employees working on solving the challenges posed by developing an iWatch, although the company has yet to offer any official confirmation about this matter. It is worthy to be mentioned that Google, Samsung and Dell have all expressed interest in developing […]

Talented Boy Becomes Superstar After His Deathطفل موهوب يصبح نجم بعد وفاته

It was a very big shock to the fans of Arabs Got Talent TV show after they knew about the news of the death of the talented young boy “Mohamed Sherif” who is only 13 years old, specially after showing his amazing talent a long with his grandfather “Kamal Elmasry” […]